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Wildlife tours

Madagascar's luxuriant and unique fauna make it to one of the world's prime wildlife destination. If we were to detail every single rewarding wildlife experience this list would be never ending! Nevertheless, if you lack the time to study the national parks and reserves section throughoutly, here we go we with the top five nature spots for wildlife (but of course, this selection is not to be taken literally!):

  • Andasibe & Mantandia National Park: wildlife hotspot two steps from the capital and the place to see the the biggest lemur, the Indri Indri.
  • Amber Mountains and Ankarana National Parks: For experience the amazing "tsingy" (karst pinnacle formations) and photograph the many bad-luck-bringing chameleons.
  • Berenty Private Reserve: wonderful but expensive reserve to spot sifakas and ring-tailed lemurs..
  • Kirindy Private Reserve: the best place to meet the biggest carnivore mammal of the island, the fossa.
  • Masoala National Park and Nosy Mangabe Reserve: if you want to experience truly pristine rain forest, get an approximate idea of how Madagascar legendary forests should have looked like before heavy deforestation began and look for the elusive bizarre-looking aye aye come here, but do not forget your raincoat!