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There has been political unrest in Madagascar since January 2009. The political situatiuon remains still unstable. Please consult the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country for detailed information.

Madagascar is a stable and trouble-free visit country, but ordinary precautions based on common sense should be not forgotten. Avoid carrying your valuable personal belongings to everybody’s view and make sure you have made a copy of all important travel documents like air tickets, pass, traveller checks and credit cards, which you can discreetly carry with you. Even better than a photocopy is to scan all your documents previous to your departure and send them to your email address. Hide your cash in different parts of your body, be sure not to have lots of banknotes in your wallet and never leave anything valuable in your hotel room excepting in the safe. Watch for active pickpockets who operate at the airport and in crowded areas such as markets. You should be especially suspicious if you see groups of young me with hats. They usually pull tourists with their hats as if they want that they put money inside them. In the meanwhile they take advantage of the confusion to steal tourists’ wallets. Avoid walking around city centres and road travel outside urban areas at night as there have been occasional hold-ups on the main routes reported. If you come from a Western country your car might be stopped by true or false police officers especially if you look like you come from a Western country. They will ask to see your passport and ask for money. Better to drive with a driver!

Watch yourself when walking in urban cities, and especially Tana. L'Avenue de l'Independence has acquired quite of a reputation of being unsafe. And never move around on foot at night.

Foreigners are obliged to carry their pasport everywhere they go. Normal copies will not be accepted as proof of identity by the police. The best thing to do to is to bring a copy of your passport along with the original one to the police station in haute ville, central Tana, where you can let your passport get a certified stamp that states that the copy is real. 

Watch carefully your luggage at internal flights to make sure it comes with you on and out of the plane.

The height of the cyclone season is from January to March and affects the coastal regions.