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The international dial code for Madagascar is 00 261. To make an international call to Madagascar, the dial code of 261 must be followed by a two-digit operator code (e.g. 20 for TELMA, the most reliable), then the regional code (e.g. 22 for Antananarivo) and then the five-digit number. A GSM 900 network is in use, covering major cities and main roads.

With a telephone card of the national telephone company TELMA (Telecom Malagasy), which you can purchase at different amounts, you can make national and international calls from any public telephone box. If you wish to call abroad, just dial 00 plus the international dial code of your country and the regional code without 0. If you wish to make a national call, dial the regional code plus the number. If you are calling from a mobile phone you have to dial 020 before the regional code. If you are calling a mobile phone number either from an ordinary phone or from a mobile phone, you have to dial the dial code of the mobile phone company you are calling (GSM 032 for Orange, 033 for Zain (former Celtel) and 034 for Telma) and right after the phone number (do not drop the 0!). By the way, calling in Madagascar is more expensive than in the most Western countries!

Mobile net is quite widespread in Madagascar. If you intend to take your own mobile phone from your origin country, we advise to ask your phone company if it has a roaming contract with any Madagascar mobile phone company. If you are staying a longer period of time and are willing to take your own mobile phone from home, it might be advisable to purchase a SIM card with a Madagascar number of the national telecommunication company TELMA (www.telma.mg) or from the other phone companies Orange (www.orange.mg) and Zain (www.mg.zain.com)

Regional city codes:

Ambatolampy 42, Ambositra 47, Ambotondrazaka 54, Antananarivo 22, Antsirabe 44, Antsiranana (Diego Suarez) 82, Antsohihy 67, Farafangana 73, Fianarantsoa 75, Mahajanga 62, Maintirano 69, Manakara 72, Mananjary 72, Mideast Region 13, Moramanga 56, Morondava 95, Nosy Be Is. 86, Sainte Marie 57, Sambava 88, Toamasina 53, Tolagnaro 92, Toliaray 94

Operator codes:

Digital Telecommunications Inc. (DIGITEL) 23, ENTERIS (GSM Cellular) 32, ZAIN (GSM Cellular) 33, SACEL (GSM Cellular) 31, TELECEL (AMPS Cellular) 30, Telecom Malagasy (TELMA) 20