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Madagascar is 'the new surfing frontier' for surfers. The uncrowded surf, pleasant temperatures the year around and nice and wild landscapes make this the place to go. However, surfing opportunities are limited to the relatively short stretch of the Indian Ocean between South Africa and Madagascar. If there is a lack of low-pressure in that zone the necessary swell will be missing. Winds can be fickle as well, which might limit surfing to the morning hours. Waves can be very tide-dependent, becoming dangerous when the water gets too shallow. Bring extras boards, leash, wax and ding repair kits (surf shops do not exist). Booties, helmet and spring suit are not needed due to the reef. There are sharks outside the lagoon, but the ocean has plenty of room for everyone.

Mada Surfari
Mada Surfari is a Surf Travel company that organizes tailored and customized Surf Tours and Surf Trip in the whole Madagascar. They provide 4WD rentals with Surf Guide who know the best spots in the Island, and operate a Surf Charter in a Catamaran in the Tulear area (Ifaty-Anakao)
Head Office : Immeuble Flamboyant - Ambatonakanga
P.O Box 3295 - 101 Antananarivo
Phone: +261 (0)32 02 411 76 /+261 (0)33 02 411 76
E-mail: infos@mada-surfari.com
Web: www.mada-surfari.com

For beginners and intermediate, check Mahambo. It is the only Surfing School in Madagascar providing professional gear and staff. Surf instructors are member of the ISA (International Surfing Association), and local beach guards are fully trained. Fully equipped Beach Rescue vehicle are permanently onsite during Surf Courses for learners safety. 
Contacts details are www.summer-session.com / infos@summer-session.com
Immeuble Flamboyant - Ambatonakanga

P.O Box 3295 - 101 Antananarivo 
Phone: +261 (0)32 02 411 76 /+261 (0)33 02 411 76

  • The East

 Waves vary a lot during the year, so check out when you want to go.

surfing in Madagascar
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  • The South

For experts Fort-Dauphin region is great. Like most areas of Southern Australia and South Africa, southern Madagascar gets much of its swell from the mid-latitude storms of the westerlies, from March to September. From this period, Mada goes off, providing long and hollow rides. But early winter (April to June) will provide consistent surf, when sea breezes and strong winds are lightest. Winter season means also cool and sunny weather.

Libanona Point is a minor surfing centre with a small local crew not afar the beach named also Libanona. From May to October winds "on shore".

Miramar is a nice spot with good waves, clear water and pleasant surroundings. The place is easily accessible from the restaurant "Miramar". The prevailing wind forms a good swell.

At Lake Vinanibe you’ll find some of the best waves of Fort Dauphin.

89 km from Ampanihy, Androka is a small fishing village on the edge of a magnificent coral reef. For reaching the swell zone outside the reef you’ll need a boat. Winter is the best time (swell south-west).

At Lavanono, located 300 km south of Fort Dauphin there is one recognised left point break as well as dozens of other unnamed reefs, including many with real potential to turn it on in big swells. Surf can be limited to the morning hours from 7 am to 10 pm, because wind starts blowing from 10 am to 15h. The place is quite hard and expensive to reach for a single traveller and there is whether drinking water nor electricity, so be equipped! You ca bivouac on the spot. Lavanono has even hosted the international “trilogy” surf competition.

South of Itampolo the coast swings east, increasing the exposure to the swells, and to the winds. Rock shelves and beach breaks start to predominate, all easily accessible from shore.

From Cape Saint Marie, Madagascar's southern-most point, the coast starts to bend around to the northeast, completing the swing at Fort Dauphin (also called Taolagnaro).

Water Sports Centre
BP 216 Fort Dauphin 614
Phone: 92 214 56

Lodge Vinanibe (at Vinanibe lake)
SHTM BP 54 Fort Dauphin 614
Phone:  + (261 20) 92 212 38
Fax: + (261 20) 92 211 32

  • The Southwest

With hundreds of kilometres of reefs, bays and points stretching up the Mozambique Channel, the southwest is a surfing wonderland. Many high-quality breaks can be found among the area's coral reefs. Given the orientation of the coast, and the direction of the prevailing swells, the best of these breaks tend to be lefts, although rights are also present.

Ifaty is a classical surf destination, though you will need a boat to get to the most awesome places, which are between one and three kilometres offshore.

Madagascar Surf Trip
Website: http://madagascar-surf-trip.com 
Based in Tulear, this professional operator organises mobile surf trips around Tulear, along the coastline between Ifaty and Anakao. Recommended!

  • The North

Though not so well known, Diego Suarez bay offers exceptional conditions for wind- and kitesurfing thanks to strong trade winds from south-east called “varatraza” during eight months of the year. Varatraza wind reaches its peak from July to October.

Sakalava bay, Baie des Français, Baie du Tonnerre, Baie des cailloux blancs and Emerald sea  offer good surf possibilities that will suit all levels.

Varatraz Wind Riders
Phone: + (261) 20 82 226 45 - Mob: + (261) 32 04 607 53
The centre is open from from April to November and is located near on Sakalava Bay, 19 km from Diego-Suarez.