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The large number of tiny inhabitant islands with pristine vegetation and unpolluted waters make Madagascar a paradise for sailors. A skipper, a cook and in some cases an additional sailor. You certainly do not need more to explore Madagascar's fabulous  coastline. Here we would like to present you the most beautiful sailing spots:

Pirogue Madagascar Ship Madagascar
© Pictures courtesy of Alefa 
  • Nosy Be and surrounding islands

Most sailing cruises depart from Nosy Be and may include the islands of Radama, the little known Nosy Mamoko, three times forgotten by cartographers or Kisimany where, each year, a sailing boat from Zanzibar comes for a supply of shark oil, depending on the duration.

The classical route of 4 or 5 days will lead to the north of Nosy Be and include a visit of Nosy Iranja (two Islands in fact, connected by a white sand bank of 1 km surrounded by two lagoons), Nosy Sakatia, just off Nosy Be in the north west, elatively untouched by tourism, where there are no roads, only footpaths, Nosy Komba, which is probably the most visited of the islands around Nosy Be: the day trip to visit the lemur reserve at Ampangorina is one of the most popular excursions from the “big island”. Further these sailing cruises also tend to include the Mitsio Islands, approximately 35 km north of Nosy, a wild and unpredictable archipelago with quite pristine coral reefs.

Visitors attracted by this certainly smooth and pleasant way to discover the islands' world of Madagascar can opt for different kids of vessels, from traditional veil dugouts (with or without motor) and catamarans of all sizes. Normally accommodation is either on board (for the most expensive vessels) or at a camping place on solitary white beaches.

Tourists recommend the services of Alefa (www.pirogue-madagascar.com), which operates sailing and snorkelling cruises on board of traditional pirogues from 80 € per person (at least 3 participants are needed).  Camping gear is provided. 

Other recommend operator  is Madavoile Croisières (www.madavoile.com

  • Majunga's pristine coastline

Maderi Tour offers day excursions on board of a well maintained catamaran along the coast of Majunga up to Antsanitia, a small fishing village set by a river mouth with an extraordinary beautiful location, where guests can overnight at the bungalows built thanks to a ecotourism project started by the own villagers. (www.maderi-tour.com).

  • Tulear

Tony of Wind and Sea in Tuléar operates a catamaran and offers guests day tours to Itampolo, Morondava, but also to Anakao and Andavadoaka. Tél. (261 20) 94 433 17 ou (0) 32 04 603 78.