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Madagascar is quickly becoming known as a safe and exciting destination for white-water lovers. The main security problem are the crocodiles, which populate all rivers excepting those in the highlands.

  • Mangoky River

The Mangoky River rises in the central Highlands of Madagascar after the Matsiatra and the Manantanana Rivers join together, and enters the Indian Ocean in the Mozambique Channel after around 230 km. The usual starting point to this terrific and challenging expedition begings at the small village of of Beroroha, which is reached after a full day travelling overland in a 4x4 vehicle from the town of Sakara, northeast from Tuléar. The Mangoky River is perfectly suited for novices. As the river flows through the Makay range, the riverside sports the most spectacular scenery, with ever-changing natural wonders and rafting challenges present at every river bend. The strenuous canoe trip takes at least six days and passes through perhaps the world’s largest baobab forest. Currently this canoe trip off the beaten track is offered by Remote River Expeditions (www.remoterivers.com) and Madamax (www.madamax.com).

  • Matsiatra river

The Matsiatra river is mainly unexplored and its source starts in the central highlands and heads west through increasingly isolated terrain towards the Makay range before joining the ever changing Mangoky river. Pioneer Expeditions offers this unique adventure. Expedition members do not need previous rafting experience as full training will be given.

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  • Manankazo River

The Manankazo is in north central Madagascar and is a tributary to the Ikopa River.  A section of the river with 65 km length is full of big slides and rapids and it is one of  the most amazing sections of the whole country, though very little explored.

  • Mazy river

Flowing through a tight basalt gorge, fresh springs, and even a mini geyser make this an incredible stretch of white water. It includes slides, a 50 footer and a 30 footer in its depths.