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Kayaking (canoeing)

There is a considerable large number of navigable waterways in Madagascar which turn to be a difficult choice for kayak and canoe friends. Here we would like to present you some of the most popular routes:

  • Tsiribihina River

This is doubtless the most popular river descent of the country. Starting point is Miandrivazo, which is reached via Antsirabe, 190 km southern from Tana, where a large number of local operators offer the 3 day canoe trip at really low prices. The Tsiribihina and its tributaries used to be enlivened by the barges going up and down the river to transport tobacco from isolated plantations. The route passes through some pretty landscapes and natural waterfalls and ends at Belo-sur-Tsiribihina, the main venue of the fitampoha ceremony, where a difficult track leads after a three hour hard 4x4 trip to Bekopaka and the spectacular Tsingy of Bemaraha (this track is only passable during the dry season!) Those who are not fancy to face the hardous trip should better take the better maintained road to the South to Morondava with the classical visit of the Baobab Alley and the optional beach extension Belo-sur-Mer.  Some recommendable operators for this river descent are Remote River Expeditions in Morondava www.remoterivers.com, Espace Mada in Tana www.madagascar-circuits.comRija Tours  www.rijatours.mg or Road House in Antsirabe www.roadhouse-voyages.com

Tsiribihina cave Tsiribihina river
Ancient pottery from the first inhabitants
of this region has been found in some caves along the Tsiribihina River
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The river shores become eroded every year specially during the rainy season when the water-level icreases rapidly
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  • Manambolo River

This usually 4 day long kayak trip leads through the volcanic region of Itasy in the western part of the country. The river descent usually begins at Ankavandra crossing a moon alike landscape. Nights are spent at the river banks. The highlight of this tour is the crossing of the gorges upstream Bekopaka, a must-stay on the route to the Tsingy of Bemaraha national park. Tours usually end in Morondava after a two day visit of the Tsingy.  Highly recommendable operators for this not pretty cheap adventure are Mad Cameleon www.madcameleon.com and Remote River Expeditions www.remoterivers.com

You can find more detailed information about both Tsiribihina and Manambolo descents here: http://www.travelmadagascar.org/CITIES/Antsirabe-to-Morondava.html