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The number of internet cafes has increased spectacularly in the recent years. Tana is doubtless the hotspot of internet access in Madagascar and there are different places where you can connect yourself to the net. You can go for instance to SIMICRO (an internet server provider)  in the city centre next to the main post office or to the DTS/Wanadoo at the Hilton Hotel. In Antsirabe you can access internet through SIMICRO at the Ville d´eau or the Diamant hotel. In Fianarantsoa you will find an internet cafe next to the Panda Restaurants. In Tamatave there are several internet cafes (at the Jupiter Hotel and at Ritz cinema) and in Tulear you can go to the “Glace des As” restaurant near the Hotel de France for internet connection. The “La Sirene” restaurant and the Hotel Oasis offer both internet in Morondava. Speed is generally quite slow, since ADSL is almost unknown. Rates are however very low.