Before travelling | During your journey


Take only bags that travel along easily in small planes. If you come from a central European country you do not need any special electricity plugs.

  • Clothing
Take a long sleeved T-Shirt for the evening as protection against the mosquitoes and the coldness in the highlands. A thin pareo is fine as a towel on the beach. Do not forget plastic shoes for when you go swimming and be careful not to step on sea urchins. Take also a light rain jacket for the rain in the Eastern coast, though thanks to the hot weather clothes dry quickly. Good walking shoes are essential for tracking tours.

  • Medical Supplies
- injection needles
- medication against diarrhoea
- medication against dehydration
- Anti mosquito stuff (mosquito net)
- efficient sun cream (sun protection and mosquitoe repellents are much more expensive in Madagascar)
- A lotion against swollen legs/feet during long flights
- Malaria pills

  • Photo Equipment
Take extra batteries for camera's and all the film you think you need.