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Madagascar offers astonishing beautiful locations for this activity. Here we would like to introduce you the  places we consider to be the best in the whole country for canyon descending:

  • Isalo national park

But only during the rainy season from November till May. Canyoneering tours in the Isalo national park require several days and combine trackings, technical descents and jumps and  swims.

  • Marojejy National Park

Marojejy National Park, on the north-east, not only protects one of the most beautiful and biologically diverse mountain environments of the country, but also wonderful cascades and a extraordinary landscape of pure beauty. The hard conditions, the rainy weather and  the high degree of difficulty turns it however to a destination only for the experienced travellers.

  • Amber mountains

Amber Mountain, the first operational canyon in the island, opened in February 2000, the Mountain of the French, is ideal for initiation. The easy descent begins after just a 30 minute walk.

Other interesting points are Nosy Varika, a spot located in west coast which offers a range of nigh cascades in cliffs of various levels and difficulties. Other tougher spots are the Bay of Diego Suarez, northwest oriented, reserved for those with experience.