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Transport in Antananarivo

  • From/to the Ivato International Airport

Most people visiting Madagascar will arrive and depart from Ivato Airport, just 10 km outside the capital.

There is a new shuttle service from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. connecting Ivato and Antananarivo every 45 minutes since 2009. Prices are between 5,000 and 13,000 Ar depending on the bus and where you are going to. You can find more info at the website of the Airports of Madagascar: www.adema.mg

The cheapest option to the city centre are the white minibuses (taxi-be). They are  always pretty full but the transfer only costs around 400 Ar.

Chartered taxis into the city should cost  around 30,000 Ar; something more if your flight arrives at night (up to 40,000 Ar).

Buses do run from near the airport into the city and at a fraction of the cost of a taxi, but they are crowded, slow and confusing to someone uninitiated in the ways of the Malagasy bus service.

Expect to be badgered by a large number of porters who offer to carry your bags. The official porters are easily identified by their uniform and are mostly honest. Be aware that if you have several bags then it is more than likely that several porters will attempt to carry one bag each. This means payment must be made to each porter individually.

  • Around Antananarivo

Although a bit chaotic, there are four main bus stations (gares routieres) with minibuses, cars and coaches galore. These are Eastern (in Ampasampito), Northern (in Amodivona), Southern (in Lalana Pastora Rahajason) and Western (just 400m west of the southern taxi-brousse station) where a float of taxi brousses and crowded buses leave from all the directions of the country. There are many different companies, some of them not reliable. We recommend Kofimanga or Kofifi.

If you are not staying at a very centrally located hotel, getting around Antananarivo will be difficult by foot, since there are usually no sidewalks and traffic is horrendous.

For moving around Tana it is possible to take a bus or minibus which leave at the Avenue de L´Independence. Buses and mini buses will be fully packed, so watch you pockets for thieves and avoid the rush times from 7 am to 9 am and 5 to 7 am.

An inexpensive way of getting around Antananarivo is by Taxi-be. This is basically a "taxi" van following established routes. You pay a fixed price no matter where you hop on or off. Taxi-be only drive until about 19:30. A ride costs about 300 Ar.

Moving around with a taxi is generally an easy thing. Taxis are almost everywhere and fares are cheap. Official and registered taxis must be of beige colour and have to bear this signal. If it's not beige, it is likely to be a clandestine taxi. Better skip it! Taxis do not have meters, so agree price before getting in. Fares range between 800 and 3,000 Ar depending where you are going and if your ride is downhill or uphill! Night fares are more expensive. Sedans are generally more expensive too.

If you are an experienced driver and you fell courageous enough, you can also rent a car. The big international companies such as Hertz or Budget do operate in Madagascar.
Other local companies renting cars are:
Hantacar www.hantacar.com 
Aventour Madagascar www.aventour-madagascar.com
Airtours www.madagascar-airtours.com 

Don't wait for pousse-pousse in Tana, as they only carry goods here.