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Antananarivo to Tamatave (Toamasina)

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Andasibe (Perinet)

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Andasibe is probably one of the most touristy towns in Madagascar. Thousands of visitors come here every year to admire the eastern forests and spot the Indri Indri, the largest lemur species. October is the month with the highest numbers of visitors, so if you are planning a visit in this month, book your room well in advance! This is also one of the most rainy regions in Madagascar, so be ready for getting wet. The tropical vegetation is present everywhere and if you visit this place during the rainy season, it will rain almost constantly. The bus station, post office and two churches, constitute the core of this small town, surrounded by wooden houses. Andasibe village
You feel like in a Western movie
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What to see

  • Andasibe national park 

See under Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

  • Canopy Tour

The association Mitsinjo, an ecotourism project that works for a sustainable development of the region, proposes visitors a canopy tour. A team of professional climbers takes you on platforms constructed high in trees, the descent into the various platforms is done by sliding along a cable stretched in the forest canopy. This tour will offer you the opportunity to observe wildlife, including lemurs groups that live around. The tour is offered from June to December only.
You can find more information about Mitsinjo on our section about Community tourism and of course on their own website: http://sites.google.com/site/mitsinjo/home

Mad'Arbres - Mad´hazo
Mobile: + 261 (0)33 12 343 17
Web: http://www.madarbres.org
This association proposes tree climbing and offers a unique experience allowing you to climb in total safeness without damaging the fragile balance of the ecosystem. The climbing technique is very easy to control, so everybody (including children older than 7) can enjoy this great experience.

Where to sleep (Prices from 2013)

Budget accommodations 

Hotel Orchidées
Phone: 56 832 05
In the village centre, nice and quiet. Basic rooms with hot water and shared bathroom.
There is a cheap and good restaurant as well, it’s better to order in advance!!

Middle class hotels

Hôtel Mikalo (former Buffet de la gare)
Phone: 56 832 08
Just at the village entrance, camping is possible.
Seven basic chalets plus seven comfortable bungalows,some of them pretty new.
Chalets for 13 €, bungalows between 18 and 30 € 

Hôtel Feon’ Ny Ala
Phone:+ 261 20 56 832 02
It is the first hotel driving from the National Road and the nearest to the Park entrance. It is located next to the forest by a small lake, so you can hear the indri call from your bed!
30 bungalows (with shared bathrooms from 8 €; with private bathroom from 24 €  to 35 €).  Big chalet for 7 people also available. Camping possible.
Tasty and inexpensive food.

Grace Lodge Andasibe
Phone: + 261 (0)32 05 308 66
Mail: gracelodge@blueline.mg
Web: http://www.grace-lodge.com
Comfortable hotel about 1 km from the RN2 between Andasibe Village and the National Park. All bungalows are charming and nicely decorated and have private bathrooms with hot water.  The lodge has a pool and a wonderful garden. Good choice!
Double bungalow  33 €, familiar bungalow for four people 40 €, apartment 45 €

High end accommodations

Vakôna Forest Lodge
Phone: 20 22 624 80
Mail: vakona@moov.mg
Web: www.hotelvakona.com
Located 6 Km from Andasibe Village, this is by far the best accommodation in Andasibe.  The 28 bungalows (10 for 4 people, 3 twin, 8 double and 7 triple)
have all comforts and the lodge has table tennis, billiard, pool and satellite TV. It offers several activities, such as nature walks, riding, canoes tours, etc. Unbeatable location in the middle of the forest and excellent food and service.
Double bungalow for 80 €, triple for 85 € and 4 people for 94 €.


There are several daily taxi-brousses between Tana and Tamatave driving along the RN2 and passing “almost” through Andasibe. They drop you at the T-junction, from where you need to walk 2 km until the park entrance and 2 km more until you reach Andasibe village. This is the best option if you are staying at Feon `Ny Ala, which lies only 300 meter from the main road.
Most people staying at Andasibe village take a taxi-brousse to Moramanga and there they change to a local taxi-brousse to Andasibe, which drop you directly at yout hotel.


The origin of the name of the town is linked to Mr. Charles Bricka, who was director of Public Works department at the times of the French colony. Mr. Bricka contributed to the construction of the railroad Tananarive - East Coast (TCE). Now, Brickaville is a small city very famous for its sugar cane and orange plantation. It is also a common stopping place for travellers on taxi-brousse to Tamatave.

Brickaville is a completely unappealing town. If you need to make a stop on your journey do it better at Antsipanana, the village before Brickaville, where the offer of accommodation and gastronomy is at least as good as in Brickaville.

The only two decent restaurants in Brickaville are the Florida and the Nirvana, just on the main road from Tana.

The foundation Lambahoany promotes community and ecotourism in this area. They organise very interesting treks around the village of Fetrahomby. If you want to experience a real Malagasy adventure, this is a very good choice.

You find more information about Lambahoany and the treks on our section community tourism or on the foundation´s website: www.madagascar-tourist.com

Where to sleep

Hôtel Bricka Cool
The best hotel in town, 7 bungalows.

Hôtel Restaurant Mevasoa
Basic and cheap rooms and food.

Tamatave (Toamasina)

    Click here: Tamatave