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Shopping in Antananarivo

  • Markets

Andravoahangy handcraft market
2 km from the centre

Here you can buy some of the wood carvings done by Zafimaniry people and look out for lamba cloths, chessboards, silver shell and precious stone jewelry and raffia crafts. Street vendors sell a wide range of local crafts, from Palisandre wood boxes and deadly toy cars made from beer cans, to handmade postcards, all kinds of goods. Be extremely careful here and take really only the money you might need and don't wear any jewelry. Left better the camera at the hotel room.
Antananarivo market
Marché Artisanal in Tana
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Mahamasina Market
An ideal place to let you go by the busy daily life of the local people rather than to buy souvenirs. The best day to come here are Thursdays.

Soarano Market
Next to the train station.
Everything is being sold here: From medicinal plants, to handicrafts, flowers, wooden carvings, sculptures and semi-precious stones.

Digue market
The so called Digue market at the RN4 to the airport, 4 km from the city centre, offers a wide range of minerals, semi precious stones, wood carvings, bags and decor elements.

Madagascar car Antananarivo streetart
Tin cars are found on almost every corner of the country Original street shop decor
  • Souvenirs and handmade craft shops

If you are reluctant to take out your money on the street to buy any of the souvenirs that local street sellers will offer to you over and over again, you can go into a shop loooking for higher-quality products. Following shops can be recommended:

Centre National de l´artisanat Malagasy
67 Rue Agosthino Neto,  Ha Sud,
BP 540 Antananarivo
Tel: + 261 20 22 630 35L
e-mail: cenam@moov.mg

Lisy Art Galerie
Rue VVS  Antananarivo

La Case Verte
Amparibe; big choice of high quality local products at reasonable prices

Ateliers Dera
Lot II B 49 Amboditsiry - Antananarivo
At these addresses you can buy drawn-thread embroidered tablecloth, Malagasy flower embroideries and painted silk fabrics featuring motifs as varied as street scenes, landscape, moonlight bivouac, palmtrees and flowers.

If you don't have that much time, go to CENAM (see address below) for one-stop craft-shopping.

Rakotomalala & fils "Lambamena"
Lot IVZ 3 G Ilanivato Anosipatrana
A unique silk shop run by a family who has been silk weavers for generations. Their display of wide array of styles and colour combinations is certainly above average.

Fusion Ray
Lot II B 14, Faravohitra
Popular boutique where you can find original hand-made souvenirs 

Le Village (Nadine Hervé Scrive)
Lot 36 F,  Ambihibao BP 874
Phone: + (261) 20 22 451 97 
Web: http://www.maquettesdebateaux.com
Madagascar is already famous because of its ship models. If you are interested about ship modelling you must visit this place. This workshop manufactures amazing wooden ship models to private clients and even museums and oficial places in Madagascar and abroad.   
17 rue Ratsimilaho
This typical tourist shop located near the Hotel Colbert contains everything a Madagascar visitor might wish.

  • Miscellaneous 


There are lots of jewellery shops in the boroughs of Antaninarenina and Isoraka near the Colbert Hotel.


C.S. Events
Route du Mausoleé, Andrainarivo
Web: www.csevents-madagascar.com

This is doubtless the best shop to buy all kind of things related with treks, camping and  outdoor activities: tents, torches, GPS, sleeping bags, etc.

T-Shirts and accessories

Baobab company
Mail: madagascar@baobabcompany.com 
Web: www.baobabcompany.com
This shop is specialised in T-Shirts with Malagasy motifs. One shop is located in front of the Hotel Palissandre and a second one next to the Hotel Sakamanga.

Immeuble Teillet Labrousse, Ampasamadinika BP 5168
Mail: carambole-com@moov.mg
Web:http: www.carambole.mg
Apart from a wide range of T-Shirts and other trendy clothes you can buy postcards, travel guides and some other souvenirs.

Maki Company
Rue Lt Andriamaromanana 76, Tsiazotafo,
Email: makicompany@moov.mg
Web: www.maki-company.com
Together with Carambole and Baobab, the third "big one" from the  high quality clothes shop: T-Shirts,shirts and other casual clothes, accessories and some other things.

Supermarkets and foodstuffs

Epicerie Le Comptoir
bp 1426 - Antananarivo 101
Tel: (261) 20 22 234 24

Web: www.codal-madagascar.com/comptoir-epicerie-codal-madagascar.html 
This welcoming Epicerie offers a wide selection of high-quality Malagasy products: traditional candies, sugar cane, sweet and salted products, vanilla, lots of spices, honeys, jams, etc.

Next to the Hotel du Louvre, not far from the Colbert, there is a big Shoprite super market.

A further mall centre called Jumbo Score is located on the Route dique about 3 kilometers north of the city centre.