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Restaurants in Antananarivo

Malagasy Food

Eating and drinking well in Tana is an easy enterprise for a Western tourist. Here we would like to present some recommendable restaurants.

Good and cheap

Lot IA 62 Isoraka
Tel: +261 20 24 271 33
Inexpensive Korean eatery in the trendy Isoraka borough

Chez Arnaud
Lot EA 85 bi
Very popular simple place where you can eat delicious pizzas and some other dishes.

Grill du Rova
Lot VX 29, Avaradrova
Tel: +261 20 22 627 24  
Near the former Rova this restaurant offers pretty good food at moderate prices. On Fridays and Sundays evening there is also live music. The best: the wonderful view from the terrace over Tana.

Opposite to Trading Center, this fast-food place serves good salads, hot-dogs and hamburgers.

L' Auberge (Chez Philippe)
Rue Rabezavana, Amboditsiry 
Very good and inexpensive French cuisine: grilled meat cold meat and sausages, cheese and red wine. Good value!

La Brasserie (at the Hotel de France)
Avenue de l'Independance
B.P 607 Antananarivo 101
Tel/Fax: + 261 (0) 20 22 213 04 / + 261 20 22 201 08
e-mail: contact@siceh-hotels.com
Web: www.siceh.com
Good, cheap and very European-styled restaurant. For good quality food without surprises this is your place.

La Boussole
21 rue Dr Villette - Isoraka
Tel: +261 20 22 358 10
e-mail: laboussole@moov.mg
One of the few restaurants frequented by the “vazaha” (white people) of Tana. Meals are served in an interior patio. The pub opens every night. On Thursdays there are jazz and soul concerts.

O! Poivre Vert
34 Avenue d l'indépendance BP 607 Antananarivo 101
Tel: +261 20 22 213 04  
e-mail: contact@siceh-hotels.com 
Web: www.siceh.com
Also at the hotel de France customers can watch chef cook pizzas in the wood-fired oven.

Rue Robin Ramelina 12, Analakely
Small and central restaurants serving big dishes somewhere between malagasy and european food at reasonable prices. 

Good cuisine

Café de la Gare
Avenue de L'Independance 1 (Gare de Soarano)
Phone: +(261) 20 22 611 12
Web: http://www.cafetana.com/
A brand new restaurant with a huge terrace and a nice garden located inside the historical building of the old train station. It is opened from very early in the morning till late at night, so you can have breakfast, lunch with today's menu and dinner. There is also a lounge bar to enjoy a drink.

Chez Sucett´s
Rue Raveloary 23, Isoraka
Tel: +261 20 22 261 00
e-mail: chezsucetts@moov.mg
This restaurant specialised in Créole cuisine is located in the trendy area of Isoraka. Customers use to be mostly Malagasy business men and staff from the nearby embassies. Nice Malagasy food in a relaxed and informal atmosphere! You´ll definitely want to taste one of the impressive “rhums arranges” of the menu.

Hotel Colbert
29 rue Prince Ratsimamanga
BP 341 Antananarivo
Tel/Fax: + 261 (0) 22 202 02 / + 261 (0) 22 340 12 / 254 97
Web: http://www.hotel-luxe-madagascar.com
Surely one of most expensive restaurants in Madagascar, though low pricing compared to Western standards. The restaurant has a nice interior setting and prepares delicious French specialities. Dress well for the occasion.  

Ku dé Ta
16 rue de la Réunion - Isoraka
Antananarivo 101
Tel:  +261 20 22 661 40
e-mail: info@kudeta.mg
Web: http://kudeta.mg/
New and stylish gorgeous little bar with dining room where very French influenced Malagasy meals are prepared. The excellent food and nice atmosphere make this little place a good value!

Le Be
Avenue Grand Didier 72, Isoraka
This brand new local has become the last trend place in Tana. The minimalist decoration and intime atmosphere turns it an ideal place for a romantic dinner. The food is very good and the huge bar serves fantastic long drinks.

La table d´hotes de Mariette
 Rue Georges V 1, Faravohitra
Tel: +261 20 22 216 02  
For excellent and tasteful Malagasy cuisine do not miss this unique place. Mariette Andrianjaka runs the probably best restaurant for top-quality local food, which was inaugurated at a time where  Malagasy cuisine could not compete with French-style. If you want to eat here, we really encourage you to reserve, since it is not rare that guests are kept on a waiting list for some weeks.

Le Rossini
Lot IB Isoraka Antananarivo101
Mobile: + 261 (0) 20 22 342 44
e-mail: legrand@moov.mg
This upscale French restaurant is one favourite to eat in Tana. It has a great ambiance and the service is excellent. The vanilla mérou is amazing!

Lounge d´Art
Rue des 77 Parlementaires Français, Antsahavola
Tel: + 261 20 22 612 42
e-mail: contact@lelounge.net
Web: http://lelounge.net/
Gourmet kitchen filled of surprise where guests taste original, creative and always delicious dishes you will not find elsewhere. Besides the garden is terrific and the service reall cordial

Lot V B 45 Ambatonakanga 28 rue Ratsimilaho
BP 8467 Antananarivo 101  
Tel: + 261 20 22 231 18
Probably you will not expect to enjoy good quality Italian food in Madagascar, but if you´re taste needs just some rest from the a little bit heavy French and Malagasy cuisine this place will definitely match your expectations. The restaurant is located on the side on a steep hill overlooking the street way down below. In the evening, tables are lit only by candles. The lasagne dish is very recommendable.

La Varangue
17 rue Printsy Ratsimamanga - Antaninarenina
Tel/Fax: + 261 (0) 20 22 273 97 / +261 (0) 20 22 552 30
e-mail: varangue@moov.mg
Web: www.tana-hotel.com
Excellent management and excellent French food at bargain prices. Also one of the few places in the city where can get a beer on draft. The crottin de Tulear (warm goat cheese) is highly recommended. There is a lovely outdoor terrace. The interior is cute, with antiques and a fireplace.

Royal Palissandre
Phone: + (261) 20 22 605 60
Web: www.hotel-palissandre.com 
Very good Malagasy and French cuisine and a nice bar to have a drink.

Phone: + (261) 20 22 319 27
Web: www.radama-hotel.com/en/restaurant-cuisine-malgache.html
This is the luxury restaurant of the Hotel Radama where guests can enjoy the tatao (a royal dish of seven delicatessen served during the Bath Festival in the times of the ancient kingdom of Madagascar) and other local excellent dishes. 

Villa Vanille
24 rue Radama Place Antanimena
Tel: + 261 20 22 205 15
Extraordinary nice luxury restaurant lodged in a charming old French colonial house full with diplomats and rich Malagasy. Excellent meals served by deferential waiters at the rhythm of traditional Malagasy music.