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Entertainment in Antananarivo

  • Snacks and coffee

The Cookie shop
14 Rue Rainizanabololona Antanimena (not far from the US Cultural Center & Cortez travel)
Tel: + 261 (0) 3207 142 99
e-mail: holisoamail@yahoo.com
This place is certainly one of rarest hangouts in Tana to enjoy a cup of coffee with fine bakery in comfortable armchairs. Sweet lovers will just love it. For the sudden hunger try the Cookie sandwich (a big vanilla ice cream scoop squeezed between two cookies), a piece of tiramisu or of cheesecake or a crumble. Also an excellent tea is served.

Le Manson chez Marco 
Phone: + (261) 032 02 05 032
Lovely and cute little bar with excellent snacks located next to Sakamanga Hotel in the Isoraka district.

Salon de thé la Potinière
Avenue de l'Indépendance
Tel : +261 20 22 233 54
This is the biggest coffee shop in the city, near the Hotel Glacier and the Air Madagascar office. It offers a fine bakery and sandwiches, who will help you throughout the day.

Musicians Antananarivo
© Tarika
  • Live music and cultural events

On week-end nights, some city restaurants offer shows with blues and jazz live music played by local musicians. The pubs located at the Radama and Glacier hotels (look for the addresses under the accommodation section) usually offer live music, as well as the restaurant La Boussole (s. under the restaurants´ section).

Following centres also offer a varied cultural program including live music shows. It is worthy to check their websites!

Alliance Francaise
Tel: + 261 20 22 211 07
e-mail: aftananarive@alliancefr.mg
Website: www.alliancefr.mg

Centre Cultural Albert Camus
Ambassade de France à Madagascar
14 Avenue de l’Indépendance
B P 488 Antananarivo
Tel: + 261 20 22 213 75 / 22 236 47
e-mail: ccac@ccac.mg
Web: www.ccac.mg

Goethe Institut
Im. Ifanomezantsoa
FJKM Analakely
101 Antananarivo
BP: 1200
Tel: + 261 2022 21442
Fax: + 261 2022 27207
e-mail: biblio@cgm-mada.de
Website: www.goethe.de

For other cultural events: do not forget to check the local newspapers!

  • Nightclubs and pubs

Antananarivo offers a couple of decent clubs which invite visitors to have a glimpse into Malagasy night life. 
BUT: Prostitution is a big issue and it comes in all types and ages
Watch yourselves from lonegoing women (even from those wearing a school attire), since they are likely to be in service and the AIDS danger should not been taken lightly. Watch for clothes too. In most institutions, no rotten jeans are admitted.
When returning to your hotel, never walk in Tana streets at night. Take a taxi

Espace Dera
Route d'Ankatso
Chic dancing club with a room with low music where chatting is also possible. Many young young businessmen and no many prostitutes hanging around.

Buddha Club
Rue Rabehevitra, next to Tana Hotel
Brand new club opened in 2009, it has already become an important meeting place for tourist, ex-pats and locals. Nice and big dancing floor and friendly atmosphere.

Mojo Bar 
Phone: + (261) 20 22 254 59
This is a popular pub in Isoraka where tourists and locals can listen to rock music. At weekends it is crowded, especially when there are live concerts.

Le Six  
Rue Ratsimilaho 13
Central located, this night club gathers “older” guests in a softer atmosphere than in other places.

Pandora Nightclub
Just beside the Colbert hotel.
This is a popular nightlife spot, although it gets going late, so do not come before midnight. It was previously called Latina Café. This is very popular with expatriates dancing at the rhythms of African and French hits. Men should come accompanied by a female friend to avoid being harassed by prostitutes. Watch yourself when leaving the place late at night, because the beggars line up and surround you in a pack hoping that the drunk foreigners will be generous.

Jazz Club La Residence 
(Located inside the hotel with the same name: B.P 265 Ankerana)
It is only opened Fridays nights, this is the place to discover young local musicians while eating or drinking something in a selected ambient.

Kudeta Urban Lounge
Phone: + (261) 20 22 67 785
Web: http://kudeta.mg/
This huge club lies next to the Anosy Lake by the Carlton Hotel and it opens early in the morning until very late in the night. The cocktails are excellent, the atmosphere friendly and there are live music on certain days.

La Plage Nightclub
The most popular club in Tana. It fills with teenagers and gets completely packed in the weekends. The club includes two stories with a terrace and pool, though bathing is not permitted. There are two main dance floors and a smaller, more private one. The DJs tend to play both American and French club music. Live bands often perform here.

Le Bus
Phone: + (261) 20 22 691 00
Web: http://lebus.blogparty.fr/
The tecno elite club par excellence. Colourful thematic evenings and impactful décor make it the place to be for the crème de la crème of the Malagasy high society. Opened from Thursdays to Saturdays. It uses to be full late at night when all other clubs are closed.

Namaza House
La Haute
A grand house on a hill in the middle of nowhere where rock and blues is played (sometimes also live). Malagasy woven and wood art share the walls with posters of B.B. King and Jimmy Hendrix. Often crowded, mostly male young customers.

Rue Ingereza
This mythical disco is a beloved place to those who are looking for something more than music on a hot night… Watch out!